Healthy Eating

You are what you eat. That's why Kaiser Permanente wants to help you make healthy food choices — in our cafeterias, during meetings, at vending machines, and in daily life.

Get nourished.

The FruitGuys

The FruitGuys deliver sustainably-farmed and organic produce right to your desk at a special rate for Kaiser Permanente employees. Try The FruitGuys TakeHome cases to take home and prepare great meals with the accompanying produce guide and recipes. If you want healthy snacks to keep at the office, The FruitGuys also offer a SnackBox mini, which includes eight pieces of fruit, one serving of nuts, and two servings of granola. To set up your first delivery and take advantage of the KP employee discount, visit The FruitGuys.

Health Coach: SMART Eating

This online program features Dr. Sheri Pruitt who will serve as your health coach. She will teach you new skills, at your own pace. Learn techniques for how best to eat and manage your eating behavior over time. Available to Kaiser Permanente members.

WebCare: Weight Management

Reach and maintain a healthy weight with practical advice, recipes, calorie and activity calculators, personalized journals and more. A healthy weight companion - when and where you need it. Available to Kaiser Permanente members.

HealthMedia® Nourish™

Sign on to Nourish™ to get an in-depth look at what you eat every day and to help you make healthy food choices. After evaluating your daily eating habits, you will receive a personalized plan that teaches you the link between good nutrition and good health. *


Learn about healthy cooking, eating a good breakfast, avoiding junk food in favor of nutritious food, and how to lose weight successfully.

Healthy Picks

Throughout Northern California, you will find "Healthy Pick" snacks and entrée options offered in our cafeterias and vending machines. We want to make the healthy choice an easy one for you.

Dr. Maring's Food Blog

Dr. Maring and Kaiser Permanente have partnered with the folks at Eating Well to celebrate the seasons. "Eating Well in Season: The Farmers' Market Cookbook" contains new recipes that will delight fans of seasonal foods. The book also features profiles of innovative farmers and tips on how to shop organic, making it a must-have for healthy eating, any time of the year. Begin your healthy eating journey by cooking a recipe from Dr. Maring's food blog.

From Dr. Maring's Kitchen

Need a lesson in mincing garlic, pan-roasting chicken, or whipping up a quick red wine vinaigrette? If he can cook easy, healthy meals at home—so can you.

What's happening in your area:

Learn about wellness programs and events happening near you.

Make a Call

for your Health!

Wellness Coaches offer personalized guidance to help you achieve your health goals in the areas of exercise, weight management, healthy eating, tobacco cessation, and stress. One-on-one phone visits are available weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Call 1-866-251-4514 to schedule an appointment.

To learn more about  Wellness Coaching  click here.  Available to Kaiser Permanente members.