About Us

Francina Bailey, KP nurse. Nidhi Jajoo Mistry, 34. Sunit Mistry, MD, 37, KP South Bay. Tejas Mistry, 4. Kavan Mistry, 2

As one of the nation’s premier health care organizations, Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to being the best place to work and receive care. Being the best means having employees who feel supported and inspired about leading a healthy life, and leaders at all levels of the organization who are committed to a culture of total health and wellness.

Through our award-winning Live Well Be Well employee wellness approach, Kaiser Permanente leads the way in making employees’ lives better by supporting their total health β€” mind, body, and spirit. Live Well Be Well offers over 250 wellness programs and services to employees and their family members throughout Northern California. It’s organized into six categories β€” Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Prevention, Emotional Health & Wellness, Healthy Workplace, and Healthy Community β€” with regularly refreshed offerings in each category at Kaiser Permanente medical centers and regional offices.

By focusing on our own health, we can serve as role models for each other, our members, and the communities we serve.